Wellness is important and relevant in the workplace because most employees want to be healthy, happy, and productive.  Experts believe that prioritizing employee wellness may be just the push necessary for seriously dedicated employees who may burn out or get sick if their well-being is ignored.



Employee wellness programs are becoming more commonplace and bring benefits to both employees and employers.  According to www.zippia.com52% of U.S. companies offer wellness programs.

Employee Perspective

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  • 56% of employees who participate in company wellness programs report fewer sick days.

  • 60% say they're more productive when they work.

  • 30%  report a disease was detected by these programs allowing treatment before progression.

Wellness Program Examples

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  • providing health & fitness education to assist in identifying & managing chronic illnesses

  • on-line education components offered during work hours

  • onsite flu vaccines & health screenings

  • cash prizes or flextime for completing wellness classes or workout regime

  • gym discounts or access to an onsite gym

  • filling vending machines with healthy snack options

Employer Perspective

  • 83% of employers reported increasing their worker's health due to wellness programs.

  • 72% saw a reduction in healthcare costs after implementing a wellness program.

  • The average return on investment (ROI) for employee wellness programs is six-to-one.

  • Wellness programs can reduce absenteeism by 14-19%.

Employee Retention

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  • Over 80% of employees with employer engagement in their wellness say they enjoy work (without engagement, drops to 40%).

  • 85% intend to stay at their jobs (without engagement, drops to 58%).


Handshake in the Office

Improving wellness in the workplace requires organizations to make it a part of their corporate culture.  If employees don't understand why wellness is important or don't feel supported in taking advantage of the programs available to them, then even the best programs are pointless.

*All statistics taken from www.zippia.com, follow link to view article.


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