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Click to get the free PowerPoint handout that goes with the video.

Journey to Wellness E-Class Program  

Journey to Wellness is a lifestyle change program consisting of 12 E-Classes. The program emphasizes the nutritional, physical, and emotional aspects of health.  There are five sections:  Diabetes Management; Blood Pressure Management; Cholesterol Management; Weight Management; and Time Management.

Each section consists of two classes except Weight Management which consists of four classes.  All sections include the nutritional aspect in the form of Medical Nutrition Therapy which can only be provided by a Registered Dietitian.  The additional classes in each section are either from the physical aspect or the emotional aspect of the topic. 


We believe a true lifestyle change program must include all three aspects of health to be truly effective.  Our program is a complete wellness package to treat or prevent the risk for these health issues.  

So sit back, relax and start your journey to good health!


Balance Foods To Manage Blood Sugar

Class 1 of 2
You will learn to balance foods according to their effect on blood sugar, to plan small consistent meals and snacks, to estimate portion sizes for moderation, and how to eat right rather then diet to manage blood sugar.


Coping With Chronic Illness

Class 2 of 2
You will learn the difference between acute and chronic illness, how chronic illness impacts a person physically, mentally and emotionally, and how to recognize and get treatment for depression. 


D.A.S.H. For Your Heart's Sake

Class 1 of 2
You will learn to recognize signs and symptoms of heart attack and stroke, normal levels of blood pressure, and how to prevent/manage heart disease using the D.A.S.H. Diet.


Stress Busting 101

Class 2 of 2
You will learn the relationship between stress and high blood pressure, the early signs and symptoms of physical, emotional, and mental stress, and helpful stress reduction techniques.


Skinny On Fats & Cholesterol

Class 1 of 2
You will learn normal lipid levels, how to identify saturated fats (primarily animal fats), unsaturated fats (primarily plant fats), trans fatty acids (the most harmful of all fats), and how to change your diet to manage cholesterol. 


Move It & Improve It

Class 2 of 2
You will start with a review of the lipid panel and learn the relationship between cholesterol and exercise, namely, increasing the good cholesterol (HDL), and how exercise improves your levels.


Why Can't I Lose Weight

Class 1 of 4
You will learn the implications of obesity on health, the physiology of losing weight including insulin and its effect on fat storage, and why we don't make weight loss the goal.


Eat For Hunger Not Emotion

Class 2 of 4
You will learn how emotional eating manifests itself in men and women including identification of the most common triggers, and how to manage them.


There Are No Bad Foods

Class 3 of 4
You will learn why fad diets don't work, the dangers of restricting any of the three nutrients--carbohydrates, protein and fat, and how to eat right for life to manage weight.

Mountain Biking

Exercise Starts With Attitude

Class 4 of 4
You will learn about calories, how they are utilized (burned up) in everyday activities and structured exercise, and the role exercise and activity play in weight management. 


Where Does The Time Go

Class 1 of 2
You will learn the common "time bandits" which rob us of valuable, productive time each day including procrastination, perfectionism, daydreaming and poor planning, and some helpful techniques to take charge of your time.


Meals On The Go

Class 2 of 2
After a review of the time management concepts, you will learn how eating and stress go hand-in-hand  including a number of effective ways to enable you to deal with stress and worry rather than always turning to food.