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Roberto Herrera

The videos are fast-moving, entertaining, and at the same time educational with reasonable changes that I was able to start immediately.  All the supporting handouts were a nice bonus.  I liked that the bundle program was very easy on the pocket.  So, I am recommending this program to friends, family, and coworkers.  I look forward to the 2nd half of the journey!

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Patricia Williams

I am glad I subscribed!  Easy to follow program, the content was very informative and interesting,  kept me engaged the entire time, I definitely will recommend to coworkers and friends. Thanks for the program, can't wait to see more.

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Brett Williams

Great information, interesting and fun to watch. I think I can implement a lot of the changes this course suggests, easy to follow and easy to incorporate in my life. Graphics are great, I strongly recommend this program,  will surely pass the word around to friends and at work. 

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Kelly Vottero

The videos are easy to follow and understand, kept me focused while making a sound point that we improve our health and well-being thru lifestyle changes.  Making small changes to ultimately reach your goals helps your body accept those changes better to sustain those changes versus yo-yo dieting.  Having the handouts also gives me a quick reference guide.  I post the handouts on my refrigerator to remind me to keep on task towards my goals and to remind me what I should ultimately reach for when I open that refrigerator door.  Highly recommend and look forward to future videos and information.

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Karla Spence

This program is well done.  The tone is positive and encouraging.  Making lifestyle changes can be very challenging.  Kristin’s presentation is non-threatening and non-judgmental.   The classes are presented clearly, and the supporting information that is included in the package is very interesting and helpful. The length of the modules is just right – valuable information, but not overwhelming.   Everyone can benefit from this program!


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