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Personal Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of spring comes the expectation of better weather, beautiful flowers, and brighter clothing colors. We tend to equate clothing styles and certain events with each season, but spring really has cornered the market on chore assignments.

We may connect the other seasons with a certain activity, but not with a clear chore or job assignment. Think about it for a minute…summer vacations, fall harvest or winter holidays. We think about certain events when we think of those three seasons, but we choose spring season as the time for the big job assignment of “spring cleaning.” Maybe a little spring cleaning is not such a bad idea for us, but not just in our homes. For many of us who are looking forward to spring, it is a good time to do some personal or emotional spring cleaning. Here are some chores for you to do this spring:

Clear out the cobwebs. Shake off those mental cobwebs. Have you put off tackling a personal problem or making a lifestyle change? Maybe you were not mentally ready before now. Perhaps you even blamed your lack of motivation on other people, lack of energy, or even the weather…too cold. With the onset of spring, now is a good time to look at what has been holding you back from making those changes in your life. Think about what you want to change and make a list to get you started.

Polish your mirrors. Look in the mirror & do a personal inventory. Personal reflection can be difficult. The changes you may need to make in your life may require more than just a haircut. Making a list of changes helps you to physically see what needs to be done. Learn from the past to better make changes in your present-day situation.

Plant some seeds. Just like a flower seed needs nourishment to develop, you may have some ideas or plans you want to implement. After you have made your list of changes you want to accomplish, decide how you want to go about accomplishing those changes. It may mean calling a friend to check on a job, making healthy nutritional changes in your life, or even making that long overdue doctor’s appointment.

Clean the windows. Look out at what you have around you. Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have right in front of us. What are you thankful for in your life? If there is something you want to change, what is holding you back?

As you work on your personal spring cleaning, I’d like to recommend setting some short term and long-term goals to make your spring cleaning go more smoothly. Short term goals are those you want to accomplish in one day to six months, while long term goals are those you want to accomplish in six months to a year. And remember that you can always go back and readjust or modify those goals. Happy Spring Cleaning!


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